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Round 2: Best yet scariest DOM experience yet. from Silent Warrior's blog

Round two with this talented young lady, and she was really creative this time. And MAN, she brought the heat! Those legs are as strong as anything I've been in front of, and she can control the pain like turning the knob up or down on an appliance. This time she starts out with another set of platforms that were, as she put it, "really heavy". The sound they made on impact was like something hard hitting the groin, and that was BEFORE she even started kicking hard. There was a wicked method to her pain delivery this time, and it worked all too well. She uses those heavy, high heel platforms to warm them up, then the spike platforms came out again. She kicked with a LOT more intent with those, and I could feel the spikes scratch a little on the harder kicks. This was part of her methodology.....tenderize them before putting me on the cross, blindfolded again. As I said earlier, IT WORKED. They were super sensitive to everything, and she used her secret weapon several times. I would scream on the first slap, and then she'd put her hand over my mouth (Strung up....can't do ANYTHING about it) and wack 'em a few more times. My God, I thought I would self destruct. Squirming around like I was being electrocuted. I had gotten myself turned to the side on the cross, and she sternly says "Face me!" I turned to face her just dreading what was coming next. Then a flurry of knees comes in. Not the lower thigh, but the kneecap hitting it's target. Then a moment or two of nothing. Then some vicious, loud bare foot snap kicks. Then more slaps. Then.....Oh My God, NO rest for the weary! Just a purely wicked assortment of all kinds of pain with NO WAY of knowing what was next. She finally removes the blindfold because she wants me to look her in the eye as she lands hard core snap kick after hard core snap kick. It hurt so damn bad, but i just loved looking her in the eye as I felt and heard those kicks working on an already very tender sack. This is one of the most erotic things I have ever done despite the pain. She lets me down, leads me to the throne, and cuts loose with the barefoot kicking again. Then, she walks around to behind me. "Kneel down. Arch your back. I am going to kick you 5 times and you better not move." The fifth kick was absolute agony, and I reached between and cupped them as if that was going to do anything about the pain. Then she starts winding down. "Wow. You did really good. And never used your safeword." So I ask "Are you trying to get me to?" She puts on this wicked little grin, and just shrugs. Then she puts the first, heavy platforms back on, and goes at me again for a few more kicks. It's like she can't get enough. We ran about 20 minutes over. They are beat red down there and I am really hooked now. I'll see her many more times. I have finally found someone who can take me a lot further than I ever thought possible.

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