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kinkyirish f/m busting

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Best yet scariest DOM experience yet. from Silent Warrior's blog

If I would have known all the types of pain this DOM was going to bring, I'd have likely talked myself out of this. When she is in character, she has that sweet yet no fucks given attitude that frightens and captivates us at the same time. I am still reeling, sore to the touch down there, and can't wait to let her obliterate me again. So, what is it about "her"? She is blonde, breath-takingly gorgeous, over 6 feet tall in heels, and will have you begging her to hurt you again even after you have taken more pain than you thought was humanly possible. The whole thing starts with the welcome, "Take your shoes off. Now on your knees and follow me." How can you NOT follow these legs? From the on your knees perspective, they seem to go on for days. She knows this and puts you on your knees for that reason. Now she has you worship the legs that are about to bring the pain. She had me kissing them, massaging them, just getting very familiar with them before unleashing them on me. She then has me crawl where she wants me, and disappears for a few. She brings out the first weapons and has me zip the thigh high platform boots up warning me not to catch her skin. Then she has me worship the hard toe and platform "that will be bringing you pain soon." She gets me to massage her legs again, and I start privately wondering when the pain will start. I guess she picked up on the shift of focus. She has me get on all floors (hands and knees), arch my back, and then the pain began in earnest. Her aim was impeccable as she would pick which nut to kick, and splatter it between platform and my groin area. Damn, that hurts. She kept coming at me and I'll swear, either the hard toe or the platform struck gold every single time, and she was delighting in my pain. Fantasy #1 fulfilled. Those boots are no joke. Fantasy #2 is next, and this lead into the most brutal part of the session. She gets me on the St Andrews cross. Then she whispers in my ear as she is blindfolding me, "You know you want it, right?" I say "Yes Goddess." Now she can kick with free will and all I can do yell out in pain and squirm. As I squirmed, she ran her nails down my body with enough force to leave marks between the flurries of kicks. I thought this was as bad as it was going to get. NO. Before the session, she had me fill out an appication. We had hit most of the high points in the fantasy, or so I thought. She got real creative with one of the things I said I was ok with. She asked the applicant to be specific about the ball busting. I came back with Kicking balls, squeezing balls (which she didn't do), and slapping balls. The huge oh shit moment here is I did not say WHAT to slap the balls with. So she departs for a moment after a flurry of kicks and scratching, and something, I don't know what, slapped the hell out of my balls, and I squirmed and screamed in pain. She said "1." I got genuinely scared and before I could panic or say anything 2 or 3 much harder slaps came. Easily the most pain I have ever felt down there. I am sure there were tears of pain behind that blindfold. All I wanted was off that cross. She stops and scratches for a moment. And then challenges me by saying "You can always use your safeword, Red." I started to blubber something which was not the safeword and she cut loose again, wailing, no fucks given. The pain from this makes me wonder if any of us would pass out from the pain before using the safeword. She finally lets up, says "10", and leaves for a few minutes. She comes back, starts letting me off the cross, and I, still blind folded, and dumbly thinking this was over, start to pace around a bit. She says " NO! We are not done yet! On your knees and follow the sound of my voice. She gets me to her throne, and pulls off the blindfold. "Worship them" she says. I said "Those look dangerous." She said "They ARE dangerous." She is wearing platform heels with spikes on the platforms. I start kissing the spiked part of the shoes, and she says "Enough. Spread 'em for me. Now look me right in the eyes." She starts snap kicking me with those spikes and was very aware of how hard she could kick (Pretty hard) without tearing skin. I'd start to bend over from the pain, and it was "No. LOOK AT ME!" as firm as she could say it. Fantasy number donelostcount: Kicked by spiked platform heels. This was easily the most intense experience I have ever had with any woman. She was so in character that I felt compelled to take whatever she dished out. And yeah, I'll go back. When a DOM can have you shaking, in tears and in a cold sweat while at the same time wanting to go back, there is something really magnetic about her persona. She has only been doing this for a little over a year and is such a natural. I'll be back, just don't know when yet. Gotta let this experience sink in for a bit. And let the marks heal.     

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