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Balls so Busted When I was Young from Jim's blog

During the next 2 weeks of Recovery from a serious ball busting session I had all weekend my balls finally healed. Kathy was a teacher at my school & had been beside herself. This was due to the agreement she had entered into over the weekend she busted my balls. She kept pestering me as to what type of sex I had planned for her. Finally I was so glad to have the second weekend come. When I went to school that Friday Kathy was not there. She had called in,but I still went home with my friend John for the weekend. We were both moving ok, a little slow but ok. I followed John into the back door which went into the kitchen. Johns mom Karen was in there naked fixing us a snack. Karen had such a great looking body. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, wonderful smile, big hot tits with big nipples. Karen had just a little stomach, kept-ed her pussy shaved and a very hot ass. Her ass had great looking curves and her legs were long & defined. She said "hi boys, how was school today?" We both told her it was ok. I told her that Kathy was not at school today & Karen told me she new that. Kathy had stopped by today and they had chatted. Karen told me she was upset and worried about what I had planned for her. I looked at both of them and said wowwww. I thought to myself that I was not sure I had planned for her either. John went to his room but I stayed there chatting to Karen. Karen said I guess it worked. I had this deer in the head lite look on my face & she reminded me of the conversation we had in the car. I asked how & she told me that when Kathy was here she was worried big time. Kathy told Karen she was going out of town this weekend. Karen told her that will not matter but the next time we r all together she would half to make good on the agreement. Wowww, so it is just us this weekend I asked. Karen said yes and smiled. I smiled back & asked what she had in mind for us.She had this sheepish grin on her face. Just then her son walked in the kitchen naked and asked if I was going to the barn to help with the chores. I told him I would be there in a few minutes. My friend left the kitchen heading for the barn. Karen walked over to me & kissed me passionately. I kissed her back just as passionately to. Then she took a step back & then started to strip me naked. When she got to my pants she slid her hand down my underwear & felt my cock and balls. She was moaning and I started to play with her pussy. She finished stripping me fast and then I was naked. We were both naked and then in each others arms.

Then in a moment she took me to her bedroom and I found myself on my back with my legs spread wide over the edge of the bed. My balls and cock were so exposed. She was standing over me checking out my cock and balls. She told me she wanted to make sure my cock and balls were healed enuff for the weekend she had planed for me. Then she drove her knee into my balls catching them just right. She had my balls pined against my pelvic bone pressing hard against them with her knee. This took all the air out of me as I layed there with my mouth open not being able to make a sound. It was so intense. She just smiled looking into my eyes and telling me there is more to come. Finally she pulled her knee out of my nuts and I just layed there panting. She bent down and kisses me so passionately. When she pulled her lip she stood up and pulled a board from under the bed. She told me to raise my ass up and I did so. As I did she slid the board under my ass making sure that my balls layed on the board. As my ass and balls rested on the board she layed out my balls so carefully. When she was satisfied with the placement she then tied my arms and knees off making sure I could not fight her on this and also not to close my legs. She then took her right elbow and drove it into my right nut. She cough all of my nut and cord driving it deep into my nut. I moaned loudly as she put all her weight on her elbow. I was crying so loudly trying to get her to stop. Finally she with drew her elbow and my nut and cord were so sore and starting to swell. She was so impressed on how much my balls could take. She then did the same thing to my left nut sending me right to the edge of passing out. She drove the point of her elbow right into the nut catching all of it. She ground away on my nut making sure she got all of the nut and cord. I was crying so loudly as she did this. Finally she pulled her elbow off my nut. As she did she saw that I was bleeding from my sac. I just layed there with my eyes closed and panting trying to catch my breath. She said out loud " now that's more like it" smiling. Both my balls were so sore and swelling up now.

John finally came back and popped his head in the room where he saw me tied up and his mom standing over me. Karen said "good, u finally finished the chores. Now get your ass in here. John obeyed his mom with out question.  As John got closer he could see my swollen balls and smiled. He told his mom "nice work on his balls". She told him that I she was not done yet with them and that he would be next. I was finally able to raise my head and look at them. Karen was checking my balls and so was John. Then with one had she grabbed my sac right behind my balls very tight. She slid her hand up tight against my balls. I moaned in pain as laying my head back on the bed. My balls were so sore but Karen told me they needed to swell bigger.    

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